Dr Kathleen Wills


How health enhances productivity in business

  • Author of recently launched book, “Beat Burnout”.
  • Integrative medical practitioner (using the best of conventional and evidence- based natural medicine).
  • Advocate of taking control of personal health.
  • Diploma in Nutritional Assessment and Counselling.
  • Regularly speaks for corporate and educational organisations and Wellness Retreats New Zealand. She’s been featured on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show, in the New Zealand Herald, Woman’s Day and New Idea magazines or you may have heard her on Newstalk ZB, Coast and the Mix FM Radio stations. She is a health blogger online for MINDFOOD magazine and her book on executive wellness was published in 2015.
  • Dr Kathleen was featured in NZ Herald Viva (September 2014) as one of the top ten health practitioners in the country.
  • She holds a US doctorate degree in Integrative Medicine (I.MD), graduating first in her class. This qualification incorporates the insights of both conventional and evidence-based nutritional medicine to support the total wellness of a person. This concept is recognised by the top seven hospitals in the USA such as Harvard, Duke and John Hopkins. Nearly 40% of Americans use non-mainstream approaches along with conventional treatments. This innovative health approach is also up and coming in Australasia.