RiteTrack Solutions Package online training course

RiteTrack Solutions Package - online training course

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The what, why, and how involved in gearing your business toward optimal rather than maximal operation. Making business part of life, rather than life a small part of business.
Module 1 Introduction
Overview of the philosophy and content of Driving to Perfection. Includes PDFs of Journey Guide and Workbook (includes speaker articles).
Unit 1 Guide to the Package  
Module 2 Corporate health and resilience - an all-encompassing vision, Brian Fielkow
• Outstripping the competition in a very tight market. • Growing business. • Reduced accidents. • Reduced costs of insurance and claim excesses. • Reduced staff turnover. • Greater resilience in good times and bad.
Unit 1 Introduction to Brian Fielkow  
Unit 2 Changing the Mindset - 1 - Brian Fielkow  
Unit 3 Quiz Module 2-1  
Unit 4 The Three T's - 2 - Brian Fielkow  
Unit 5 Quiz Module 2-2  
Unit 6 Keeping it Simple - 3 - Brian Fielkow  
Unit 7 Quiz Module 2-3  
Module 3 How health enhances business productivity, Dr Kathleen Wills
Aspects of how staff (including management) health can enhance business productivity.
Unit 1 Introducing Dr Kathleen Wills  
Unit 2 Beat Burnout - Dr Kathleen Wills  
Unit 3 Quiz Module 4  
Module 4 Exercise improves absenteeism and presenteeism - Sarah Gilbert
Physical activity increases blood flow around the body and of course into the brain. You therefore naturally have a greater capacity to think more clearly as well as to stay alert, even think outside the box ...or remove the box altogether.
Unit 1 Introduction to Sarah Gilbert  
Unit 2 Health & Physical Fitness - Sarah Gilbert  
Unit 3 Quiz Module 3  
Module 5 The unrecognised ‘Health’ aspect of Health & Safety - Keith Robinson
Keith helps us all to look at the health angle from a practical perspective, to move away from the box ticking compliance mindset and bring the human aspect into the H&S process.
Unit 1 Introduction to Keith Robinson  
Unit 2 Stress, Bullying and Fatigue - Keith Robinson  
Unit 3 Quiz Module 5  
Module 6 Overview
Summary of all the course content plus a bonus case study (further details available in the Journey Guide PDF under Module 1)
Unit 1 Bonus - Case Study  
Unit 2 Overview