Keith Robinson


The unrecognised ‘Health’ aspect of Health & Safety

  • Keith is a specialist in Health & Safety compliance training with speciality industry areas including transport and logistics.
  • He started driving a forklift in a South Auckland warehouse and progressed along a determined career path to become supply chain manager in several large manufacturing organisations in both NZ and Europe.
  • Keith has been consulting and training since 2002, transferring his knowledge and experience across a wide variety of industries and processes.
  • Practical hands on experience enables Keith to train in almost any supply chain area and he is a regular facilitator for the NZ Institute in Management and Brightstar professional development.
  • The success that Keith brings to organisations is grounded in his firm belief that the key to locking down improvements is sustainability.
  • Creating workable solutions with staff and achieving their commitment to the change means that refinements will be maintained – and continuously improved.