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Smart thinking is perfect for every business irrespective of size. It doesn’t need a big budget, just a fresh perspective.

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In 4 years of research John Barley discovered that New Zealand is approximately 20 years behind the times in terms of organisational health and as a result local statistics are difficult to source. Worldwide, the case studies are widely reported and it is very clear that when we want to grow our businesses in a sustainable manner, we need to make our businesses more resilient. It is about using our heads rather than just throwing money at issues.

The great thing for New Zealand businesses – where the majority by far are SME’s – is that many initiatives don’t cost money, they simply require taking time to think. Small incremental improvements make a big difference cumulatively.

This course covers essential elements of making incremental improvements, making you aware of areas traditionally ignored that will cumulatively make a huge difference to your business – and more importantly, your quality of life.

Don’t live to work. Instead, work to live!

Topics covered in this training:

  • Outstripping the competition in a very tight market.
  • Growing business dramatically in a short timeframe.
  • Reduced accidents.
  • Reduced costs of insurance and claim excesses.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Greater resilience in good times and bad.
  • How health can enhance business productivity
  • How exercise can impact on presenteeism and reduction of absenteeism
  • Move away from a box ticking compliance mindset by bringing the human aspect into H&S


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